Tips for Choosing Minimalist Home Furniture

General Article

How do you choose furniture for a minimalist home? What are the things to consider in choosing a minimalist home furniture? The following explains how and things to consider in choosing a minimalist home furniture.

Having a dream home is everyone’s dream. However, currently owning a house with a large size will be quite difficult, given the price of land which is increasing and income is limited or needs are increasingly high. Having a minimalist home is the answer in realizing a dream home without reducing its beauty. In addition, a minimalist home will provide many benefits. Therefore, in order to still have a dream home, someone needs to arrange the house with a minimalist concept. Here are 8 tips on choosing minimalist home furniture to maximize your occupancy.

Room Survey

Conducting surveys for spaces to be filled with furniture is a fundamental thing that needs to be done. Pay attention to the color of the walls, room area, ceiling height, room accessories and other things that will be chosen, for example the classic theme, Mediterranean, minimalist, traditional, Balinese and so on.

Room Arrangement

Like the concept of a minimalist home in general, use minimalist furniture that seems light and small. Adjustment of the wall color should be adjusted to the selection of furniture. Wall colors with bold themes should be supported by appropriate furniture, as well as classic or ethnic themes. If the wall color is cream, try to color the furniture in a monochrome beige or matching color. Even better if you use interior design services so that the arrangement of the room becomes more leverage.

Adjustment of Space Theme

The theme of a minimalist room is usually all in wood to create a warm classic impression. In addition, the theme of the room must also be adjusted to the character of self or family who inhabit the house. The design theme with minimalist furniture will be very suitable for busy residents, who want practicality and high mobility. Today’s furniture can also be chosen by following the latest styles. The most important thing to consider is its suitability with the condition of the house, especially the room occupied.

Buy Furniture

After planning the shape and adjustment of the space to the theme, the next step is to buy the appropriate furniture. Furniture should be chosen with a mature plan because the price is not cheap.

Choose Affordable Quality Furniture

Quality furniture is made from teak and pure wood. It would be better if choosing furniture accompanied by someone who understands a lot about furniture choices. The best choice is goods whose quality is in accordance with needs. There are two common types of materials, namely solid wood and Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). Solid wood is more expensive than MDF, but there is no doubt that the quality is more guaranteed, especially teak. Because solid wood has a high price range, wood waste created as furniture can be an alternative for the use of chairs, tables, shelves and so on.

Furniture made from MDF has a fairly cheap price, but the quality is not cheap. Although not as good as pure wood, furniture made from MDF is more workable because it can be assembled.

Budgeting Furniture by Recycling

Various types of furniture can be made with recycled materials. Painted tires can be used as lounge chairs. For various types of shelves, create creations from pipes and wood and used concrete blocks that are sold cheaply. Even a kitchen set can be made from used rattan and a variety of used bottles painted in a futuristic style.

Second Furniture is Still Good

Buying second furniture can also be an alternative choice. Nevertheless, the details of used goods must be checked. Do not buy dangerous items, especially if used by children. Buying second furniture can be done through buying and selling online. However, buying furniture online is quite risky so the website of choice must be completely valid. It would be better if you come directly to the store, so that the furniture can be seen properly. Not only that, the history of second furniture can also be asked to minimize losses.

Order Furniture in Furniture

Choosing a handyman to work on various furniture at home will make spatial planning easier. It’s even easier if carpenters are given examples of images or photos of the desired room arrangement and what kind of furniture is needed. Thus, the budget needed to create rooms in a minimalist home will be even lower. Although it requires a handyman fee, this amount will still be far more efficient than choosing furniture in a store that is not necessarily in accordance with the wishes and theme of the room. Because every home design is different, creating your own template is a lot of fun.

Minimalist house with a special arrangement by a craftsman who makes furniture in detail will be able to maximize the creative ideas of homeowners. Not only that, the characteristics and character of each family member will shine. This will certainly increase the comfort of all residents of the house. Not only that, guests in certain rooms will be more comfortable to be in a minimalist house that is well planned.